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John Bates
5 years ago
Career Coaching
Mansfield, MA
Miserably employed professionals who would like to repackage their skills but are not sure where to go or how to get there.

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John Bates
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Job Guy
9 Robyn Lane


John Bates, the Job-Guy, has helped numerous professionals from all fields and levels across the country realize productive and rewarding careers since 1997.

Prior to opening his career coaching practice in 2004, John excelled for eight years as Director of Client Services for the nation's largest career management firm. In this capacity, he supervised eleven career coaches, Market Research, and Administration in three offices. He has worked on over 4,000 career campaigns, providing him with a solid understanding of how hiring decisions are made and the skills necessary to quickly and accurately determine why job searches and career growth strategies fall short.

Previously, John served as Director of Retail Services for the Boston office of a national executive search firm. His early employment was in the retail industry where he had P & L responsibility for a $70 million 350-employee segment of a well-known national operation.


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